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empower teams, solve problems, champion digital accessibility, and design to learn.

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I'm a Brooklyn-based product designer, leader, and storyteller. I've spent the last 6 years leading product and design teams, building culture, empowering individual designers, and striving to elevate what design can mean at organizations. I’d love to know how my 15+ years of design experience might help you and your teams tackle cool problems to make users' lives better. 

I deep dive into interaction design, storytelling and public speaking, problem definition, workshopping, and team leadership. I empower individual team members by providing operational space and organizational cover to help them focus on executing their best work. I'm always looking forward to going on new adventures with new people, and exploring problems to solve together.  Here are some great clients I've been lucky to work with:

Wanna talk? Drop me at note at info@natalieblair.info and let's chat!

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